Karlshamn has a Port cultural heritage!

A Port as Karlshamn is an important part of the infrastructure which is vital for the development of industry, trade and logistics. Not only for the region, but also from a national and international perspective. Operation and development of a port of this scale is based on sustainability and determination. This culture is firmly grounded in Karlshamn. Operation of a Port is expensive, with big investments, high maintenance costs and low margins. It's not for the one who looks for fast profits.

Half a century ago, far-sighted politicians in Karlshamn decided to move the Port activities from the centre of the city to an area outside called Stilleryd. It was a big decision with considerable economic consequences . But it was a decision that enabled the port to develop as a logistics node in modern time. Many Municipalites took similar decisions much later at much higher costs. 20-30 years ago, Karlshamn initiated what came to be the "Sydostlänk" (South East Link) project - a partly new and partly upgraded railway line - between Karlshamn, Olofström and Älmhult, connecting the main North-South railway line in Sweden. Now the project will be realised. It will have a very positive effect on the development in the region for the rest of Sweden. When Karlshamn is linked to Sydostlänken, there will be need for available development areas adjacent to the port. Therefore Karlshamn Municipality has made a vast area accessible, connected to the port. There is criticism on the restrictive policy for the Municipalitys' use of the areas and that "the land is just laying there unutilized". But then the conditions for Port- and infrastructure development, is not understood. It calls for perseverance! Land connected to ports is a finite resource and it has to be used for the inteded activity. In Karlshamn there is a embedded interest in and understanding of the port. It's with this backing we continue to develop the port. At the moment we are constructing a new 3:rd RoRo-berth at a cost around 250 Million SEK, to secure the development of the ferry traffic for the near future. Since the beginning of 2021, Karlshamn is also linked to the Silk Route to China via sea connection to Mukran Port. The new connection enable Shippers to cut their lead times by 50%, compared with traditional shipment via ocean transport. In the long run the Silk Route is expected to be of considerable importance for the trade with China. The landbridge connections via rail between Asia and Europe are complex projects with many partners and legal entities. In the case of the link to Karlshamn the work has been ongoing back and forth for more than 10 years. As said, port operation is a long term business, just like other infrastructure as railways and new roads. The difference is that main railways and road are financed by the Government and Port of Karlshamn is owned by the Municipality why all decisions and investments are local and all investments in the port are made by the port company. But a large part of the up-side of the investments are for the benefit of actors far beyond the Municipality . That's how it is to operate a port! Mats Olsson CEO Port of Karlshamn