To operate with high and constantly improving environmental and safety awareness is one of the Port of Karlshamn's central objectives.


This is the Port of Karlshamn environmental policy:

Port of Karlshamn has a favourable location outside the City, which minimize the effect on habited areas and the physical environment in terms of emissions, noice etc. All traffic by road and rail is routed outside the City.

The port also has a well proven system for reception of "sludge", i.e. oil-rests from vessels engine rooms. Karlshamns Hamn AB shall, in so far as it is environmentally justified, technically possible and economically feasible, constitute an environmentally aware link in the logistical chain, continuously striving to minimize its effect on the environment.

This means that we shall work for sustainable development through:
  • Exploiting our resources efficiently and preventing environmental pollution to strive towards long-term sustainable development.
  • Discussion, information and education to raise the level of awareness among all staff concerning environmental issues, focusing on their own areas of work and by encouraging them actively to consider the environmental effects of their day-to-day tasks, and to come up with suggestions for improvement.
  • Keeping up to date with and adhering to current environmental legislation
  • Seeing measures taken towards environmental improvement as long-term investments
  • Active open discussion with our suppliers enabling us to choose products and services with less impact on the environment
  • Working to prevent environmental disasters and by being well prepared to limit the effect should such an incident occur.