Quays equipped for handling liquid goods

Liquid cargo

Liquid bulk

One of the top oil ports in Sweden with strategic importance.

With three oil terminals, deep water and large storage capacity, Port of Karlshamn is one of the leading oil ports in Sweden. Karlshamn is of national strategic importance for production, storage and handling of energy.

Harbour / Quay Max LOA Max. depth. Comment
Sutudden180m 10mOil / Chem / truck transport
Oxhaga230m12.5mOil / LPG
Kölö harbour 245m13.5mOil (Eon Karlshamns Kraft)
Soja Quay 160m8.5mVeg. Oil (AAK AB)


  • 3 Tug boats, whereof 2 ice braking (BP = Bollard Pull): "Delta" 45 t BP (ASD type), "Karlshamn" 30 t BP and "Harry Stone" 20 t BP
  • Ice-free all year – no tides
  • Tanks and underground storage capacity: Oil 460.000 m3, LPG 150.000 m3


Facilities for handling liquid goods

  • Truck loading terminal (diesel and gas oil)
  • Transfer to railway waggon possible


Storage and depots

  • Underground storage for heavy oil: 180.000 m3
  • Underground storage for LPG: 150.000 m3 (E.ON)
  • Underground storage for refined oil products:170.000 m3 (80.000 + 90.000 m3 )
  • 20 tanks for refined oil products, chemicals and bio fuels: 110.000 m3

For more information, please call our Oil Terminal Manager, Jan Lysebring on +46-(0)454-30 50 1


Other services

  • Stowage and vessel inspection
  • Tank cleaning
  • Sludge reception
  • Regional office Customs and local Pilot station
  • Haulage companies for transport of petroleum products, gas and liquid food-stuffs.