Karlshamn is now on the logistics world map

Karlshamn is now on the logistics world map

The new connection to/from Sweden via Silk Road and Port of Karlshamn is now ”officially on the TE world map”. and the service is marketed both in China and in Europe. Now Karlshamn is the Swedish gateway as a part of TE:s extensive service network between China and Europe. Departure Karlshamn or Xi’an: Every Monday. Estimated average transit time: 16 days.
Some selling points:
- Mukran since way back established CIM/SMGS-destination = 1 Railway-Bill all the way Xi'an-Mukran (B/L Mukran-Karlshamn). Meaning also that Chinese subsidies can be granted for the whole distance to Mukran, including sea-leg Baltijsk-Mukran.
Meaning competitive pricing.
- Mukran Port (Baltic Sea Bridge) takes care of all the paper-work for the rail freight. Russian speaking staff with long experience of rail.
- Mukran Port (Baltic Sea Bridge) charter the feeder shuttle Mukran-Baltijsk why they control the schedule and adapt to train arrivals. The feeder shuttles Mukran och Baltijsk only call these two ports with 4 departures per week in each direction. No ”milk-round”. Mukran Port (Baltic Sea Bridge) also charter space and controls the sea-leg Mukran-Karlshamn.
- No need for reloading to truck. The container can be delivered to final destination and further pick-up and return.

The customers/contract partners on the train are normally the big forwarding companies. From Karlshamn Green Cargo offers rail service for containers (single or block train) to more than 40 terminals in Sweden. Also Norway, for example Oslo Alnabru terminal.

Recommend Your forwarder contacts below for inquiry and further info:
EU: roland@bahnoperator.com
China: sales@trans-eurasia.com

or Port of Karlshamn:
Ulf Sandevärn (Mkt Mng.) +46-(0)708-80 27 76 ulf.sandevarn@karlshamnshamn.se

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