Nord Stream 2 potential large business and new work places for Port of Karlshamn

16. 09. 09

Port of Karlshamn is selected as one of two ports in Sweden for the Nord Stream 2 project. The intention is to store and ship gas pipes for the new line between Russia and Germany in the Baltic Sea.  

- This could be a large business for Port of Karlshamn. The project would result in at least 50-60 new work places, depending of the scope and time related to the Karlshamn area during the project period. Further work places will be created in the area for various services needed to support the activities in the port, says Mats Olsson, CEO at Port of Karlshamn.

- No contracts are signed yet, but we are planning and preparing for the start.

- Of course we are aware of the political dimensions on both national and international level for the Nord Stream project. But this is handled on the political level.

- Our focus is fully on the business and to supply a optimal solution for the customer. There we have the knowledge and resources, says Mats Olsson.

The time plan, as it looks just now, means delivery of pipes to us in the second half of 2017. Later on the pipes will be delivered during a very active period to the laying barges in the Baltic Sea. The whole project will be going on during about two years, at least what Karlshamn concerns. Thereafter there will be no operation runned from Karlshamn.

- Port of Karlshamn will be an importan link in the logistic chaine. Our customer is one of several multi national suppliers to the project. Until there a binding contract is signed with the customer, we will make no specific investment for this project, says Mats Olsson.

- Earlier this year Port of Karlshamn purchased 200.000 m2 land from the Municipality, as a strategic investment for the future. We need this land in order to expand further. It will be very useful in the short run for the Nord Stream 2 project and later on for the large off-shore wind turbine park which is planned outside Karlshamn in the bay of Hanö, Mats Olsson ends. 

For more information, please contact Port of Karlshamn (Karlshamns Hamn AB);

CEO Mats Olsson

Phone: +4-(0)454-30 50 00, +46-(0)709-73 15 94

Photo: Karlshamns Hamn AB