Doubled train capacity on Karlshamn by Green Cargo

16. 02. 02

With start at the end of 2015, the train capacity on Port of Karlshamn has now doubled from one- to two train per day. At the same time the Green Cargo trains are pulled by electric engines all the way to the new intermodal rail terminal in Port of Karlshamn.

-We have doubled the capacity on Karlshamn and see Karlshamn as our main hub in County of Blekinge. Port of Karlshamn has good potential to be the gateway to east and the emerging markets. Markets we have a great interest in, but so far we are not so active in, says Sohana Josefsson, Market- and Communications Manager at Green Cargo.

-We want to expand and are in dialogue with the Swedish Transport Administration regarding more capacity on the tracks, Sohana Josefsson Continues



-We are very pleased with the capacity increase. It is a step forward in our long term strategy to have more cargo by rail, says Mats Olsson, CEO at Port of Karlshamn.

-Positive traffic development and Green Cargos choise of Karlshamn as main hub in County of Blekinge with great potential for growth, confirms that the efforts made here in Karlshamn were right.

-Last year our new intermodal rail terminal was in full operation also with a electrified shunting track, resulting in a considerable increase of efficiency and cargo handling capacity in Karlshamn. Now we are equipped to meet continued growth in cargo flows via Karlshamn. Port of Karlshamn already has most RoRo-cargo between Sweden and the Baltic countries.

-The intermodal rail terminal is a resource for handling of all cargoes, not only for seabourne- and intermodal cargo and strengthens Karlshamns position as an important cargo hub in the region and in the country, says Mats Olsson.



For more information please contact Mats Olsson, Port of Karlshamn; alt. +46-(0)709-731594

and Sohana Josefsson, Green Cargo;