Swedish Infrastructure Minister updated regarding Sydostlänken during visit to Port of Karlshamn

15. 09. 02

Swedish Minister with responsibility for Infrastructure recently visited Port of Karlshamn. The main purpose was to be informed about the activities and the need for regional infrastructure development, in order to cope with the growing cargo flows via Port of Karlshamn. On the top of the priority list is "Sydostlänken", a 12 km of missing railway tracks that would connect Karlshamn with Olofström, with the Volvo Cars Body Components factory and Älmhult, with the important Distribution Centre of IKEA.

-I feel confident with the earlier notification about Sydostlänken that have we received from the Government earlier, says Sara Rudolfsson, Mayor of Olofström, after the meeting. Nothing is changed from what was told before the last election, i.e. that the construction of Sydostlänken will start within a foreseeable future.

-We are many of us that have great hopes for this connection, says Sara Rudolfsson.

Also representatives from Volvo Cars Olofström, IKEA, DFDS Seaways, DFDS Logistics and Port of Karlshamn were present at the meeting, accompanied by the County Governor and the President of Blekinge Council.


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Some participants at the meeting with the Minister were for example Jonas Knutsson and Magnus Nilsson from the Management of Volvo Cars in Olofström, Michael Stjernquist, new Managing Director of IKEA Sverige AB, and Anders Karlsson and Mats Olsson, Port of Karlshamn.