Annual Report with good prospects for the future

15. 02. 17

Growth in cargo volumes. Large investments completed. Pick-up in the oil segment. Three important factors pointed out by CEO Mats Olsson at Port of Karlshamn, when commenting the Annual Report of 2014. "Now Port of Karlshamn leaves a period of recession behind and look forward to a positive 2015", says Mats Olsson.


"Now Port of Karlshamn leaves a period of recession behind and look forward to a positive 2015! .We as many other swedish ports, have experienced some rough years. But now I feel optimistic about the future for Port of Karlshamn", CEO Mats Olsson says, when presenting the Annual Report.

The Financial Result for 2014 was better than expected, showing a profit of more than SEK 800.000. Even though we have faced a recession at the same time as the port is in a expansion phase with large investments to meet the future. "Under these circumstances we are glad to show profit", says Mats Olsson.

Also the total cargo volume grew more than expected. During 2014 the port handled 5,4 million tons of cargo, compared with 4,7 million tons in 2013.



"The oil business is very important for us and there was increased activity at the end of 2014. The drop in the oil price now makes it profitable to stock oil products, favouring our oil terminal. We forsee a continued growth in this segment during 2015."

"The oil market is driven by forces we can not influence, but our diversified activity with several segments makes our company more stable than many other ports. We have been working very hard with a number of segments during the last year and begin to see positive result."



"The competition in the business is strong. You need to invest and to optimise Your processes with a customer oriented staff and organisation. In this aspect, we are constantly improving. For example we have made strategic investments in the region of 150 million SEK, says Mats Olsson"



Mats Olsson.

CEO Karlshamns Hamn AB (Port of Karlshamn)